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Do you want to be "in Money" or "out of Money"

Sounds like a silly question, does it not, but it's interesting to see how many people fail to recognize the importance of this simple question yet find themselves in the "out of Money" situation.

The choice is easy to make & easy to follow inMoney Cashflow Clinic can show you how to stay focused and committed so that you can achieve the results you want. It would be a lie to say this process can happen overnight.

But it's not a lie in saying that you can make change happen if you are serious and prepared to show commitment. All that takes is a 1 Second Decision.

So the Question is: What will you do about your situation today. "in Money" or "out of Money"
"If you Fail to Plan - you Plan to Fail"

At some point in time we need to plan, preferably sooner than later.

Situations can arise at times where we just go with the Flow. But in which direction is your Flow running.

Are you at the Roundabout going around and around not knowing the best exit to take? If that sounds familiar, don't despair as we can arrange a consultant to meet with you and plan the best course of action to help YOU and refer you to a Financial Instituation to look after YOU.

"Which Bank will want Little Old Me?"

With the pressure to make sure the banks are doing the Right thing by you, now is your opportune Time to look after "YOU"

inMoney will assess your requirements and recommend you attend our inMoney Cashflow Clinic so you can understand the importance of having a Budget.

Question: Does the company / employer you work for have a Budget. Answer: Yes
Why: So they can plan to make profits for survival and future growth.

Question: Why are you any different!! Why doesn't Your Family (company) have a Budget so you can plan to make profits for survival and future growth!!

Be honest with yourself, do you want to help contribute to the banks company yearly profits or would you rather help contribute to Your Family (company) yearly profits.

Remember the money you save stays with YOU.

Once you take charge of your Budget and Finances you will be in control.

For a Complimentary Confidential Consultation please contact our office to arrange for a Consultant to see you at your convenience.

  • inMoney does not provide finance and is not a lender, we are consultants who can help you with Budgeting and refer you to a bank or financial Institution that can assist you with your requirements.
  • inMoney does not receive any commissions from any organisation bank or financial institution.
  • inMoney can also refer you to other professionals if you so require them Building Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, Quantity Surveyors, Solicitors, Conveyance’s, Property Management Companies, Builders, Architects, Interior Designers plus more… without absolutely any commissions being given to us.

inMoney can provide: Answers to your Questions Solutions to your Problems Turn a Negative into a Positive

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